Android Hacker Course [NoUP]

C Programming Install Termux App and Hacker keyboard Installing Metasploit-Framework RedHawk Tool C++ Programming Ethical Hacking on Android Device Introduction ReconDog Tool Angry Fuzzer Tool Basic Commands of Termux Installing and Configuring NGROK Tool on Termux Python Programming Hack Windows Machine over WAN Install Ubuntu on Android Device Hack Android Device over WAN Using Ubuntu […]

Complete Ethical Hacking Course

Welcome 001 Introduction to Ethical Hacking_ What is it in detail 002 Thank you for taking this course! What is the most it can do for you 003 Prerequisites success tips for getting the most out of this course 004 Basic terminology such as white hat_ grey hat_ and black hat hacking 005 Basic terminology […]

Crack Software Course

Welcome 1_Introduction to Reverse Engineering 2_Introduction To Assembly Language 3_Learn About Ollydbg 4-Complete Basic Concept Of RE 5-Packer Detectors And Protection 6-Tittle & Strings Changing 7-IDM Cracking 8-Make Your Own Keygen 9-PowerISO Cracking 10-Video Editor Filmora Cracking 11-PDF Password Remover Cracking 12-Dot Net Software Analyzing 13-Dot Net Cracking Using dnSpy 14-Calculating Serial Length In Ollydbg […]

Infiniteskills Ethical Hacking [Course]

welcome 00001 Welcome_To_The_Course 00002 About_The_Author 00003 Kali_Linux 00004 Virtual_Machines 00005 Obtaining_Vulnerable_Operating_Systems 00006 Using_Windows 00007 A_Methodology 00008 Get_Out_Of_Jail_Free_Cards_Ethics 00009 Basic_Tools_-_Telnet_Client 00010 Basic_Tools_-Netcat & 00011 Basic_Tools–Ping 00012 Useful_Browser_Extensions 00013 Useful_Web_Sites 00014 Information_Storage 00015 Google_Hacking 00016 Google_Hacking_Database 00017 Using_Whois 00018 Using_Dig 00019 Using_Host_Nslookup 00020 Using_Web-Based_Tools 00021 Passive_Recon 00022 Passive_Fingerprinting 00023 Packet_Captures 00024 Using_Wireshark 00025 Banner_Grabbing 00026 Basic_Protocol_Interaction–HTTP 00027 […]

Hacking 101 – Creating a Hacking Lab [iClass]

Introduction About the Instructor What You Should Do – Takeaways Introduction – Virtualization Installation – VMWare Introduction – Kali Linux Installation – Kali Linux – Part 1 Installation – Kali Linux – Part 2 Introduction – Damn Vulnerable Web Application (DVWA) Installation – Damn Vulnerable Web Application (DVWA) – Part 1 Installation – Damn Vulnerable […]

White Hat Hacking v10

Hello 01-White Hat Hacking v10- Getting the Most From Your Time 02-White Hat Hacking v10- Building a LAB- Concepts 03-White Hat Hacking v10- Building a LAB- Networking 04-White Hat Hacking v10- Deploy a Kali Linux VM 05-White Hat Hacking v10- Adding Metasploitable to Your Lab 06-White Hat Hacking v10- Adding Windows to Your Lab 07-White […]

Penetration Testing Course

Welcome Penetration Testing Module 1 – Phases of Penetration Testing Penetration Testing Module 2 Part 1 – Footprinting Penetration Testing Module 2 Part 2 – Footprinting Penetration Testing Module 2 Part 3 – Footprinting AnyWho Lab Penetration Testing Module 2 Part 4 – Footprinting nslookup Lab Penetration Testing Module 2 Part 5 – Footprinting Path […]

Bug Bounty Hunting Offensive Approach To Hunt Bugs [Course]

Hello 001 About Instructor 002 Course Introduction and Overview 003 Why you should take this 004 Teaser of Offensive Approach to Hunt Bugs 005 Information Gathering 006 Steps to Configure Burpsuite with Firefox 007 How to Use Burpsuite – Spider Repeater Intruder 008 Background Concept about XSS 009 Basic XSS 010 Basic XSS on Lab […]