Ethical Hacking_ Session Hijacking [eCourseware]

00_01_WX30_Take_1 00_02_XR30_Take_1 01_01_XR30_Take_1 01_02_XR15_Take_1 02_01_XR30_Take_2 02_02_XR15_Take_2 02_03_XR15_Take_1 02_04_XR30_Take_1 02_05_XR30_Take_2 02_06_XR15_Take_2 02_07_XR30_Take_1 02_08_XR15_Take_3 02_09_XR30_Take_2 03_01_XR15_Take_2 03_02_XR15_Take_1 04_01_XR15_Take_2 04_02_XR15_Take_1 05_01_XR30_Take_1 05_02_XR30_Take_1 06_01_XR15_Take_2

Cybersecurity with Cloud Computing [eCourse]

00_01_WL30_Welcome. 00_02_XR15_What_you_need_to_know. 00_03_XR15_Reference. 00_04_XR15_Exercise_Files. 01_01_XR15_Essential_Characteristics. 01_02_XR15_Infrastructure_as_a_Service. 01_03_XR15_Platform_as_a_Service. 01_04_XR15_Software_as_a_Service. 01_05_XR151_Deployment_Models. 01_06_XR15_Cloud_Incidents. 01_07_XR15_Anatomy_of_a_Service_Failure. 01_08_XR15_Anatomy_of_a_Business_Failure. 01_09_XR15_Cloud_Trust. 02_01_XR15_Governance_and_Risk. 02_02_XR15_Legal_Compliance_and_Audit. 02_03_XR15_Information_Management. 02_04_XR15_Interoperability_and_Portability. 02_05_XR15_Traditional_Security_BCP_and_DR. 02_06_XR15_Data_Centre_Operations. 02_07_XR15_Incident_Response. 02_08_XR15_Application_Security. 02_09_XR15_Application_Testing_and_Monitoring. 02_10_XR15_Encryption_and_Key_Management. 02_11_XR15_Identity_in_the_Cloud. 02_12_XR15_Cloud_Access_Control. 02_13_XR15_Virtualisation. 02_14_XR15_Security_as_a_Service. 02_15_CH30_XR30_Challenge. 02_16_SO30_XR30_Solution. 03_01_XR15_Introduction_to_SABSA. 03_02_XR15_Fast_Tracker. 03_03_XR15_SABSA_Attributes. 03_04_XR15_Fast_Tracker_Attributes. 03_05_XR15_Cloud_Attribute_Taxonomy. 03_06_CH30_XR30_Challenge. 03_07_SO30_XR30_Solution. 04_01_XR15_Summary.

Cybersecurity for IT Professionals [eCourseware]

00_01_WX30_welcome. 00_02_XR15_wysk. 00_03_XR15_exfiles. 01_01_XR15_cyber. 01_02_XR15_stuxnet. 01_03_XR15_attack. 02_01_XR15_av. 02_02_XR15_defender. 02_03_XR15_realtime. 02_04_XR15_avscanning. 02_05_XR15_avsettings. 02_06_XR15_schedule. 02_07_XR15_avwdo. 02_08_XR15_avlinux. 03_01_XR15_firewalls. 03_02_XR15_mswf. 03_03_XR15_advfw. 03_04_XR15_advrules. 03_05_XR15_zedlan. 03_06_XR15_iptables. 03_07_XR15_firewall. 04_01_XR15_nmap. 04_02_XR15_scan. 04_03_XR15_service. 04_04_XR15_options. 04_05_XR15_zenmap. 05_01_XR15_netcat. 05_02_XR15_filexfer. 05_03_XR15_services. 05_04_XR15_honeypot. 06_01_XR15_nessus. 06_02_XR15_started. 06_03_XR15_configure. 06_04_XR15_scan. 06_05_XR15_schedule. 07_01_XR15_intro. 07_02_XR15_scan. 07_03_XR15_proxy. 08_01_XR15_monitor. 08_02_XR15_capture. 08_03_XR15_packets. 08_04_XR15_filters. 08_05_XR151_intruder. 09_01_XR15_summary.

A_CyberTraining365-CSAT-Certified Security Analyst Training

001 Security.mp4 002 Need for Security Analysis Part One.mp4 003 Need for Security Analysis Part Two.mp4 004Greatest Challenges.mp4 005 Threat Agents.mp4 006 Risk.mp4 007 Information Security Awareness Part One.mp4 008 Information Security Awareness Part Two.mp4 009 Information Security Awareness Part Three.mp4 010 FACTA & ISO.mp4 011 US Legislation Part One.mp4 012 US Legislation Part Two.mp4 […]

Practical Ethical Hacking – The Complete Course

1.1. Introduction and Course Overview. 1.2. A Day in the Life of an Ethical Hacker. 2.1. Part 1 Effective Note Keeping. 2.2. Part 2 Important Tools. 20.1. Introduction. 20.2. Installing Go. 20.3. Finding Subdomains with Assetfinder. 20.4. Finding Subdomains with Amass. 20.5. Finding Alive Domains with Httprobe. 20.6. Screenshotting Websites with GoWitness. 20.7. Automating the […]

Pentest With Kali Linux – OSCP EXAM [eCourse]

pwk-0. oscp exam pwk-1. oscp exam pwk-2. oscp exam pwk-3. oscp exam pwk-4. oscp exam pwk-5. oscp exam pwk-6. oscp exam pwk-7. oscp exam pwk-8. oscp exam pwk-9. oscp exam pwk-10. oscp exam pwk-11. oscp exam pwk-12. oscp exam pwk-13. oscp exam pwk-14. oscp exam pwk-15. oscp exam pwk-16. oscp exam pwk-17. oscp exam pwk-18. […]

Wireshark Mastering [eLearning Course]

Course overview. Getting Started_1. Introduction. Getting Started_2. What is Wireshark. Getting Started_3. Windows install + WinPcap and USBPCap. Getting Started_4. MacOS Install. Getting Started_5. When to use Wireshark. Getting Started_6. Demo of About Wireshark. Getting Started_7. Privacy & Security consideraitons. Getting Started_8. Best practices & Action Plan. Capturing Network Traffic_1. Introduction. Capturing Network Traffic_2. Connecting […]


001 Welcome To the Web Applications Hacking and Penetration Testing Course. 002 Install XAMPP DVWA. 003 Install Burp Suite Proxy. 004 Configure Burp Suite Proxy. 005 Make Burp Suite Capture SSL Traffic. 006 Install Python. 007 Install Vega Scanner. 008 Setting the DVWA Security Level. 009 How Websites work. 010 Getting Domain Information. 011 Identify […]

Python Programming – Build a Reconnaissance Scanner [eCourse]

0.1. Prerequisite for the course. 0.2. Choosing the Cloud based IDE. Introduction to the Reconnaissance Scanner. Starting with the Reconnaissance Scanner. Extracting the Top Level Domain Name. Getting the IP Address. Nmap Port Scan. Robots.txt. Whois. Building the Final Program – Part I. Building the Final Program – Part II. Promotional Video.

Python Networking and Security [eCourse]

0101 Welcome. 0102 What We Will Cover. 0103 Getting And Installing Python. 0104 Integrated Development Environments. 0105 Python 2 Versus Python 3. 0106 How To Access Your Working Files. 0201 Python Console. 0202 Creating And Running Scripts. 0203 Variables. 0204 Loops. 0205 Scoping. 0206 Subroutines. 0207 Conditional Statements. 0208 Calling To System. 0209 Using Threads. […]