Python Fundamentals [eLearning]

Introduction_1. Introduction. Introduction_2. Python promo. Introduction_3. Course structure. Introduction_4. Python Overview, pt 1. Introduction_5. Python Overview, pt2. Getting started _1. Introduction. Getting started _2. Installing on Windows. Getting started _3. Installing on Linux. Getting started _4. Installing on MacOS. Getting started _5. The REPL. Getting started _6. Significant whitespace in python. Getting started _7. Python […]

Python For Offensive Pentest [eLearning]

001 Introduction. 002 Home Lab Setup – Preparing Attacker Machine – Kali linux. 003 Home Lab Setup – Preparing Target Machine – Windows 7. 004 TCP Reverse Shell Outline. 005 Coding a TCP Reverse Shell. 006 Data Exfiltration. 007 Exporting To EXE. 008 HTTP Reverse Shell Outline. 009 Coding HTTP Reverse Shell In 5 Lines […]

Penetration Testing Automation Using Python and Kali Linux [eLeaning]

Course Overview. 2.1. Welcome. 2.2. Prerequisites. 2.3. Course Overview. 2.4. Setting up the Environment. 2.5. Summary. 3.1. Introduction. 3.2. The Automation Application Overview. 3.3. Executing Commands from the Terminal. 3.4. Opening the Browser. 3.5. Saving the Results. 3.6. Putting It All Together. 3.7. Summary. 4.1. Introduction. 4.2. Module Overview. 4.3. DNS. 4.4. Email Extraction. 4.5. […]

Python Digital Forensics {iClass]

0101.The Course Overview. 0102.Learning Dshell. 0103.Working with Scapy. 0104.Importing Scapy Modules. 0105.Introduction to Impacket. 0201.Enumerating Directories. 0202.Populating File Properties. 0203.Querying the Registry. 0204.Exploring Portable Executables. 0301.Enumerating Directories. 0302.Exploring File Properties. 0303.Deeper File Properties. 0304.Parsing System Logs. 0305.Reading the Journal. 0401.Analyzing Windows Memory. 0402.Capturing Linux Memory. 0403.Analyzing Linux Memory. 0501.Enumeration. 0502.Port Enumeration. 0503.Exploitation. 0504.Post Enumeration. 0505.Data […]

Practical Encryption and Cryptography Using Python [eLearning]

0101.Course Overview. 0201.Introduction to the Course. 0202.Course Worklfow. 0203.Cryptography for Security Professionals. 0204.The Lab and Tools. 0205.Summary. 0301.Hashing at a Glance. 0302.Message Digest. 0303.Secure Hash Algorithm. 0304.File Check Sum. 0305.Secure Passwords. 0306.HMAC in Practice. 0307.Cracking Hashes Using Hashcat. 0308.Cracking NTLM Hashes. 0309.Summary. 0401.Welcome. 0402.Quick Overview Of Symmetric Encryption. 0403.Creating a New Algorithm. 0404.AES in Python. […]

Metasploit Basics for Protecting SharePoint [eLearning]

Installing MSF on Windows&Linux. 1.intro. 1.overview. Metasploit Terminology. Basic metasploit command. Directories, docs & search commands. 4.intro. 4.overview. Scanning&capturing with nmap MS & wireshark. 5.intro. 5.overview. Creating a payload using msfvenom. 6.intro. 6.overview. Pushing a pay load using metasploit. Understanding pivoting and port forwarding. 8.intro. 8.overview. Understanding token stealing and impersonation. Utilize MS scanner to […]

Python – Beyond the Basics (eLearning)

Prerequisites_1. Prerequisites. Organizing Larger Programs_1. Packages. Organizing Larger Programs_2. Imports from sys.path. Organizing Larger Programs_3. Implementing packages. Organizing Larger Programs_4. Subpackages. Organizing Larger Programs_5. Example; A full program. Organizing Larger Programs_6. Relative Imports. Organizing Larger Programs_7. Controlling Imports with all. Organizing Larger Programs_8. Namespace packages. Organizing Larger Programs_9. Executable directories. Organizing Larger Programs_10. Duck Tails. […]

Introduction to Pentesting {Course}

Understanding Pentesting _1. Understanding Pentesting. Understanding Pentesting _2. Why do pentest. Understanding Pentesting _3. Types. Understanding Pentesting _4. Pre-attack. Understanding Pentesting _5. Attack. Understanding Pentesting _6. Post-attack. Understanding Pentesting _7. Standards. Understanding Pentesting _8. Summary. Recon-Footprint_1. The foundation. Recon-Footprint_2. Steps. Recon-Footprint_3. Summary. Scanning_1. Introduction. Scanning_2. Steps. Scanning_3. Summary. Enumerating_1. Introduction. Enumerating_2. Steps. Enumerating_3. Summary. Hacking_1. […]

Introduction to Penetration Testing Using Metasploit (eCourse)

Course overview_1. Course overview. Introducing _1. Introduction and Overview. Introducing _2. Ethics and Codes of conduct. Introducing _3. The penetration testing process. Introducing _4. Metasploit Framework Components. Introducing _5. Course guidance and module summary. Installing _1. Overview. Installing _2. Methods of using metasploit. Installing _3. Installing kali linux. Installing _4. Configuring kali linux. Installing _5. […]


001 Welcome Meet your Hero And Step Ahead To Become SUPERHERO. 002 Weapons To Be Carried. 003 Ethical Hacking Process. 004 Open source intelligence Training. 005 Google Hacking Database and Google Dorks Part – 1. 006 Google Hacking Database and Google Dorks Part – 2. 007 Google Hacking Database and Google Dorks Part – 3. […]